Saturday, March 2, 2013

An IPL Journey with the Remington i-LIGHT (Part 19 Review)

(Session IX)


It must be the weather because my leg looks dry afterwards. Nothing else noteworthy.

The Next Day:

Overall smooth, but I am still seeing areas with slightly long hair. The spots I repeatedly missed! Sometimes I examine my leg immediately after my IPL session and apply the handset directly on the stragglers... Though I probably don't do it consistently enough to have as much effect as with the rest of the leg that is exposed to IPL weekly. 

Three Days Later:

I see pin pricks of black, but as with before, I am not sure if this is old growth being pushed out or new growth coming in. I have to say they never really make it pass the skin. By the time it emerges, it's time for the next weekly IPL session and the Remington reduces it to soot.

All photos (c) Little Luxuries 2013.

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