Friday, March 15, 2013

An IPL Journey with the Remington i-LIGHT (Part 22 Review)

As I begin my eleventh session, I feel like Remington has brought me halfway to where I want to be in the hair removal process. As I noted in my last i-Light post, my leg is relatively hair free. I do find some lingering hairs here and there, but it is nothing too obvious. The skin is relatively smooth, even when you run a hand over the skin. There is the softest and faintest tickle of stubble. Again, nothing overtly bothersome. I can see tiny pinpricks of light black hair right underneath the top of the skin. It is nothing blatantly obvious if you aren't looking for it.

The underarm and leg sessions go like clockwork. There is nothing special to report about my underarm. It is smooth and as hairless as can be. I do see pinpricks of hair underneath the skin here too, but I haven't seen any real growth here since my fourth session. The Remington is doing its job keeping the hair growth at bay.

My leg is almost hair free on one side (the side that doesn't require awkward bending) but still peppered with hairs here and there on the side that requires me to bend myself into uncomfortable positions in order for me to position the handset correctly. The rubber band stings on my lower leg have gradually decreased. It's not entirely gone, but I feel it less and less with each passing session.

The most bothersome part of the entire process is now the cleaning of the handset. The amount of burnt hair I find on it always varies after sessions. Sometimes, there's barely anything. Sometimes, there's tons of hair soot. Today, there was a ton of hair soot. It takes me longer to clean the handset than it does to complete an underarm and leg session!

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