Friday, March 8, 2013

An IPL Journey with the Remington i-LIGHT (Part 20 Review)

My tenth session! Two whole months of continuous IPL. I admit I didn't always manage to keep it to strictly one week intervals. When I got busy or too tired, I skipped the day I was supposed to restart my session and used my IPL machine the next day instead. Overall, I always managed to do one session a week.

My underarm is virtually smooth with the exception of a short hair here and there. I am not seeing or feeling any new hair growth. I am truly amazed at how well it worked on this part of my body. The only way I will be able to tell if there will be any future growth on my underarm is to stop using the i-LIGHT completely.

Looking at my leg, I can honestly say that it is mostly hair free. Running my hand over the skin, I can tell I have new growth. Very fine. Very subtle. It is soft, not coarse or prickly. I can see my leg remaining this way if I continue my weekly Remington sessions. If I stop now, it is definitely not permanent. The question is if the hair with remain the same or be finer than before. I often wished I never started shaving my legs so my leg hair would still be super soft and fine. (No one ever listens to their mother about this.) Even if IPL doesn't permanently remove hair, maybe it can turn back the clock.

I think I will continue on with my sessions for another four months - to the half year mark - to see if I can't get some permanent results.

With that said, my tenth session went smoothly. I finished my underarm in the blink of an eye without any discomfort. The snapping rubber band sensation is lessening on my lower leg too. It is definitely coming from areas where there is more hair growth activity. I can't feel it at all in the areas where the skin is smooth with no stubble.

I got a bigger amount of sooty residue on the handset than last time. It is really hard to get off. I think the heat of the light helps cake the hair soot on the handset. Gentle swipes with the cleaning cloth include eventually removes all traces of soot.

All photos (c) Little Luxuries 2013.

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