Sunday, March 3, 2013

Guerlain Météorites: Blanc de Perle Reveiw

After seeing the gorgeous Blanc de Perles line, I searched the internet to see if any place in the USA carried it. Or if any online retailers that shipped to the USA carried it. I noted that some places in the DC/NYC area got the Guerlain Sakura G blush. Since I am enamored with how well and flattering the Perles du Paradis work on me, I don't need it. Though I am jealous that parts of the US market get access to it and other parts don't.

Then I noticed that Selfridges (a UK retailer) carried it! Why? Why do I no longer live in the UK?? They have several items I want in stock. The hardest to find is the Blanc de Perle Météorites Compact UV Shield 30. No one sells it online. Except for eBay...

However I did luck out and got my hands on the Blanc de Perle Météorites. I placed the order and eagerly awaited its arrive to my doorsteps.
Météorites Perles - Illuminating Powder Pure Radiance

A pearly halo of light bathing the face in a translucent glow.

I must admit, as with the Perles du Paradis, the Blanc de Perles does not travel well. My container arrive with lots of loose météorites powder collected on the bottom of the tin, leftover on the puff, and on the lid. While I don't mind too much, since it will ultimately go on my face, I do like to see the perfect little perles resting in the tin before I take a makeup brush to them.

The perles are really white. There are three different sizes and three different shades of white I can see so far. They are also the sparkliest météorites I have ever encountered. I have mixed feelings about it at this point. I can see this being great for highlighting specific areas, but I am unsure of how it would look on the face.

However, as with other Guerlain météorites, arm swatches are deceiving. On the face it is brightening and illuminating. There is a hint of sparkle, but it is not overwhelming like it is on the arm. I'm guessing it also appears to have more sparkles because it is all white (which reflects light) and 2 of the 3 shades I see do contain shimmer. Overall, this is beautiful and I'm glad I managed to track down a tin of it.

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